Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Emergency support when and where you need us!

We can assist you with charter services in response to unplanned circumstances, such as emergency evacuation and repatriation flights.

If you have a medical emergency while away from home that requires in-flight medical care, we are able to rapidly arrange a private charter air ambulance with expert medical personnel and equipment to ensure a rapid, safe and comfortable transfer to the medical facility of your choosing.

MSS is fully qualified to help patients unable to travel commercially due to an emergency or delicate health condition. With access to aircraft specially equipped for air ambulance service on all Continents, We can have you ready to depart in just a few hours. Our private air ambulance charters can arrange transfers from bed to bed, ensuring full patient comfort and safety at all times.

Patients in need of special treatments might require a change of facility. Our air ambulance service is able to assist with all the logistics necessary to perform a swift and safe transfer. We can arrange for a ground ambulance at both locations to make sure that the patient is always surrounded with the required special equipment and personnel.

Not all air ambulance charters are for life or death situations, sometimes you just need to be cautious. In non-emergency situations a simple medial escort might do. Adding a nurse or doctor as an escort to your private charter medical flight might be the extra touch of precaution you were missing.

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